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Unusual Workplace Accidents – What?

(function() { var po = document.createElement(‘script’); po.type = ‘text/javascript’; po.async = true; po.src = ‘’; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); We noticed that the Moet & Chandon wine label is using some fun photos to promote their brand. … Continue reading

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Social Security Disability: Do You Qualify?

This article is not about a crash or accident, and it’s not set in Seattle, but you’ll find it worth reading: First it raises the issue of whether Social Security Disability is adequately funded into the future. Second, it … Continue reading

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Workplace Injury in Seattle? Why Would You Need A Lawyer?

Though your employer may have the best of intentions, probably the HR person in the office isn’t the best person to ask for advice when you’re injured on the job. Sure, they can help you complete the paperwork and send … Continue reading

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Washington State Workers Comp – How Does It Work?

If you’re a reliable worker who’s never been injured on the job, do you know how to file a workers comp claim? No reason you would. Bernadette York was injured in her food service job when another worker left a … Continue reading

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