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Will An Asteroid Strike Seattle on February 13?

According to Seattle’s local CBS broadcasting affiliate, NASA has projected that a 60 meter asteroid will pass within 16,500 miles of Earth on February 13, 2013. Their scary-sensational Chicken Little treatment: “Should We Be Afraid? Should we? Should we?” To … Continue reading

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Making Seattle Streets Crash-Proof

This Seattle Times article highlights a perspective that most Seattleites would likely have difficulty understanding. The topic is reducing deaths and injuries from driving, bicycling, walking. What city would Seattle be smart to copy? What city does traffic safety better … Continue reading

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Don’t Walk Home Drunk – Better To Drive?

We’ve all heard the perils of driving intoxicated. Certainly, if the moral issue doesn’t bother you, the prospect of hefty fines and losing your drivers license ought to. Chances are your insurance company might look at your driving record with … Continue reading

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How To Tell That Used Car Was In A Crash

Times are tough and when your trusted transport is getting close to giving up the ghost you get to decide – New replacement? Used replacement? We’re not here to give you advice on that, but we are here to help … Continue reading

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Seattle Drivers Still Wantonly Knocking-Out Our Electrical Power

A few months ago we covered the experience of 2000 West Seattle residents as a driver lost control and struck a light pole so hard it damaged the power-transformer 40 feet up in the air. Story Here. Soon afterward lightning … Continue reading

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One Of The Last To See Him Alive

This photo shows the area where a man drowned on Wednesday evening, August 17, 2011. We kayaked by the spot where two guys were zooming around on personal water craft on our way back to our launch point near Seward … Continue reading

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Car Strikes West Seattle Light Pole – 2000 people lose electrticity

Car strikes light pole. Two people injured. A lot of alarm clocks went off very late one Sunday back in January when a car crashed into a light pole. Think of how hard you have to hit the base of … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Most Dangerous Bike Path – What? There’s A Problem?

The sleepy traffic engineers with the City of Seattle have Danny Westneat, columnist for the Seattle Times annoying them this week.  He’s spotlighting the offer from local byclists to fix a major bike hazard – for free. They’ve paid an … Continue reading

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