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Why You Should Know What Your Ancestors in 2000 BC Ate…

Chances are your ancestors had crashes. Trees fell on them. They got chased over cliffs by big wild animals. They fell off horses. What’s certain is they didn’t go to the Emergency Room where a highly-trained and experienced doctor set … Continue reading

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Seattle Lawyer Ruth Moen: “How To Avoid Having Insurance Companies Fool You”

You may be very fond of our insurance agent.  I know I am. They’ve stuck with us all those times you lost the payment envelope and they had to call you to remind you to make the payment or lose … Continue reading

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“I Was In An Accident Over A Week Ago – Is It Possible I’m Just Now Feeling Injuries?”

Yes, it’s absolutely possible.  In fact this happens very often. Many people might believe that when they’re involved in an accident, any injuries sustained will be immediately felt. That is simply not the case. Our bodies are highly complex and … Continue reading

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Into The Drink: Boating Accidents And You

People fall off their boats all the time. And sometimes a small boat capsizes. Sometimes a negligent boater rams another boat. __________________________________________ Sometimes people aren’t wearing a life jacket. Sometimes a whole boatful of people get dumped into 46-degree water … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Depressed – Get Even!

When you’re down – maybe because you got in an accident on the I-90 bridge in a rainstorm, consider consulting a good lawyer – Ruth Moen if you’re in Seattle. If you’re in Boston or Omaha you’ll have to do … Continue reading

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Living With A Loved-One In Pain

Lee Woodruff writes a thoughtful article on what it’s like to live with someone who’s in great pain from an injury. All four of her “Caregiver Cornerstones” are great. And some apply to other symptoms of closed-head brain injury as … Continue reading

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John Cartmell: Working On Nutrition Over Time

We asked John whether he thinks a single visit to a Nutritionist is enough. What next? What if my health doesn’t improve much? For more ideas on how to recover from a crash, please visit

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