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Seattle Lawyer Ruth Moen: “How To Avoid Having Insurance Companies Fool You”

You may be very fond of our insurance agent.  I know I am. They’ve stuck with us all those times you lost the payment envelope and they had to call you to remind you to make the payment or lose … Continue reading

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Attention Seattle Drivers: Are You A Lert?

One of those favorite high-schooler jokes that never fails to rouse a chuckle is the pun that begins “Are you a lert?”   After a pregnant pause you follow with “Because the world needs more lerts!”  And the double meaning creeps … Continue reading

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Will My Employer Deny Medical Leave?

We were saddened to hear about this X-Box manager whose brain tumor-caused drop in work performance caused him to lose disability pay. Imagine what might happen if you were in a serious accident that hampered your job performance? Would your … Continue reading

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Arlyn Dodson: “What It’s Like When You’re Brain Injured, But You Don’t Really Know It.”

Arlyn Dodson, a Seattle resident, was on a work-related trip to San Diego when he was rear-ended by a big delivery truck. Arlen wanted to believe he was getting better. He REALLY wanted to believe. So he avoided thinking about … Continue reading

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