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Redmond, Oregon School District Sued For Bus Crash

This piece of news caught our eye, or specifically the amount that’s being asked for: $750,000. We’re used to seeing this amount of money associated with Seattle view property. How do you justify paying an 18-year-old this amount? More specifically, … Continue reading

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Workplace Injury in Seattle? Why Would You Need A Lawyer?

Though your employer may have the best of intentions, probably the HR person in the office isn’t the best person to ask for advice when you’re injured on the job. Sure, they can help you complete the paperwork and send … Continue reading

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Pothole Damage – Who Pays?

Hard Times Are Hitting Seattle and King County In a time of major financial downturn impacting national and local government, the roads we drive on may not be as maintained as they once were. And we’re not just talking about … Continue reading

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How To Know When To Involve The Police…

It should be obvious that any accident involving injuries or serious damage would warrant a call to the police, but what if you’re in a simple fender bender where there are hardly any noticeable dents or scratches? You might feel … Continue reading

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How To Work With An Insurance Claims Adjustor

Dealing with an insurance claims adjustor can be a bit intimidating, especially in the wake of something as traumatic as an auto accident. Knowing what information you should and shouldn’t share can mean the difference between getting what you are … Continue reading

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“We’ll Just Have You Sign Some Routine Paperwork” – WRONG!

When an insurance company asks you to sign some routine paperwork a loud alarm should start going off! Clang! Clang! Clang-Clang-Clang-Clang! That nice helpful insurance agent who’s been assisting you all these years and the claim’s adjustor are not of … Continue reading

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Crashville Salutes

When you’ve been seriously injured but it’s difficult to prove the extent of your injuries and economic losses it is oftentimes necessary to engage “experts.”  Experts may be specially qualified to collect info from you and other sources, and give … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Pilot? Oh No! Not A Stranger?

Here are some recent newsbytes on Pilot Error: Crash near Livermore, CA. Pilot misjudged altitude, flew into hill trying to get below cloud ceiling.  At least the passenger knew the pilot. 13 Plane Crashes in Florida in last 11 years … Continue reading

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Commercial Vehicle Makes U-Turn on Seattle Street – Kills Cyclist

A commercial vehicle registered to Ambient Control, Inc. made a dangerous U-Turn on 24th Avenue Northwest near 65th Street in Seattle in 2009, killing a University of Washington researcher who was cycling on the street.  Kevin Black, a brain researcher … Continue reading

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Attention Seattle Drivers: Are You A Lert?

One of those favorite high-schooler jokes that never fails to rouse a chuckle is the pun that begins “Are you a lert?”   After a pregnant pause you follow with “Because the world needs more lerts!”  And the double meaning creeps … Continue reading

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