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Hit-And-Run Driver Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison

We posted the story of the bike commuter who was hit and killed on Dexter Avenue North on July 28, 2011. Here’s the follow-up story on how the police caught the driver What’s interesting is the reference to “old fashioned … Continue reading

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Seattle Student Kelsey Rennebohm Killed In Boston Bike-Bus Accident

Seattle native Kelsey Rennebohm, age 28, was struck and killed by a Boston transit bus while riding her bicycle on a Boston street. She was a Seattle native who was enrolled in the Boston College masters degree program in counseling … Continue reading

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Making Seattle Streets Crash-Proof

This Seattle Times article highlights a perspective that most Seattleites would likely have difficulty understanding. The topic is reducing deaths and injuries from driving, bicycling, walking. What city would Seattle be smart to copy? What city does traffic safety better … Continue reading

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Seattle Bike Commuters Get Into Fewer Crashes

Time to get your bike in for its Spring tune-up? This article in the Seattle Times is one of a series about bicycling in the city, both as sport, recreation, and transportation to work. The upshot is it’s safer to … Continue reading

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You – On The Bicycle – Obey The Law!

We know when you come up to that stop sign it’s tempting to just look both ways and if there’s no car coming just coast through. OK, we know it’s satisfying to put the foot-to-the-pedal and power on through. Especially … Continue reading

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Spate Of Bicycle Crashes In Seattle Times

Definition of Spate: “a sudden flood, rush, or outpouring.” Here’s another of a bunch of auto-bicycle accidents recently covered in the Seattle Times: The storyline is pretty common – bicyclists are hit on Seattle’s Dexter Avenue on a regular … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Most Dangerous Bike Path – What? There’s A Problem?

The sleepy traffic engineers with the City of Seattle have Danny Westneat, columnist for the Seattle Times annoying them this week.  He’s spotlighting the offer from local byclists to fix a major bike hazard – for free. They’ve paid an … Continue reading

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Is The Pilot on Your Seattle – Honolulu Flight Brain-Damaged?

We were considering the numbers of critical-path workers who might be brain-damaged, and came upon this study on how toxic fumes on aircraft expose flight crews to neurological damage.  Maybe a hilarious “Airplane” sequel coming? Critical-path Workers These are are … Continue reading

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Commercial Vehicle Makes U-Turn on Seattle Street – Kills Cyclist

A commercial vehicle registered to Ambient Control, Inc. made a dangerous U-Turn on 24th Avenue Northwest near 65th Street in Seattle in 2009, killing a University of Washington researcher who was cycling on the street.  Kevin Black, a brain researcher … Continue reading

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