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Here’s Some Powerful Healing!

In 1995 Dr. Terry Wahl was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and after years of treatment was losing her health. She could no longer walk and relied on a motorized wheelchair to get to her medical practice. Five years later, after … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Depressed – Get Even!

When you’re down – maybe because you got in an accident on the I-90 bridge in a rainstorm, consider consulting a good lawyer – Ruth Moen if you’re in Seattle. If you’re in Boston or Omaha you’ll have to do … Continue reading

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Feeling Frightened, Depressed After Your Car Accident?

A lot of people get scared and depressed when they’ve been injured and their recovery is going too slowly. Hey! You’ve lost part of your health! You have a right to be worried. Will you ever fully recover? It can … Continue reading

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Two Years After My Car Accident – Why Haven’t I Healed Fully?

Sometimes you need to ramp-up your nutrition immediately after an injury. Seattle nutritionist John Cartmell holds that your body really does seek health, but your inadequate nutrition going into a severe injury is going to make it even harder to … Continue reading

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How Could THIS Possibly Work?

Movement therapy for brain damage? Hyperbaric oxygen? Amino Acids? Remember – the brain is connected to everything in your body – even your toes! Here’s a great posting area for people who have tried many alternative therapies for brain damage. … Continue reading

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Seattle Nutritionist John Cartmell: “Nutrition Affects Healing”

John Cartmell is an experienced Seattle area nutritionist with a deep understanding of nutrition and healing. What will help me recover from my car crash injuries and get back on top of my life again? Important concept: after any serious … Continue reading

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This Website Explains Nutrition And Brain Health

Whether you’re trying to persuade your daughter to eat her breakfast, or trying to heal your husband’s crash-injury, this site can help: Neuroscience For Kids For more ideas about brain injury and support when someone else’s negligence causes it, please … Continue reading

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Is Optimism Helpful For Healing?

Most of us have heard a lot of talk about optimism, the power of positive thinking, and such. There’s a bushel of words: Positive Attitude Self-Love Inner Peace According to a recent summary put out by the venerable Mayo Clinic, … Continue reading

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