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Should I Sign A Release To Have The Insurance Company Pay Medical Bills?

It seems so innocuous.  ”We’ll mail you a release and just sign it and return it – and we’ll pay your medical expenses.” The question you might ask is: “If I’m still needing treatments 8 months from now, will you … Continue reading

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Hit-And-Run Driver Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison

We posted the story of the bike commuter who was hit and killed on Dexter Avenue North on July 28, 2011. Here’s the follow-up story on how the police caught the driver What’s interesting is the reference to “old fashioned … Continue reading

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Seattle Student Kelsey Rennebohm Killed In Boston Bike-Bus Accident

Seattle native Kelsey Rennebohm, age 28, was struck and killed by a Boston transit bus while riding her bicycle on a Boston street. She was a Seattle native who was enrolled in the Boston College masters degree program in counseling … Continue reading

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This Crash Won’t Ruin Your Month

A month-long slow-motion car crash is an art presentation at Newcastle On Tyne, UK. Details and video here. Yes, what took you less than a second last month has now been captured in such unbearably slow motion that watching a … Continue reading

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Nutrition For Injury Healing

We sometimes encounter people who were in an injury accident and didn’t get good treatment to heal themselves. They sometimes tell us they later learned there were simple steps they could have taken to heal themselves better, but didn’t know … Continue reading

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Will An Asteroid Strike Seattle on February 13?

According to Seattle’s local CBS broadcasting affiliate, NASA has projected that a 60 meter asteroid will pass within 16,500 miles of Earth on February 13, 2013. Their scary-sensational Chicken Little treatment: “Should We Be Afraid? Should we? Should we?” To … Continue reading

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Making Seattle Streets Crash-Proof

This Seattle Times article highlights a perspective that most Seattleites would likely have difficulty understanding. The topic is reducing deaths and injuries from driving, bicycling, walking. What city would Seattle be smart to copy? What city does traffic safety better … Continue reading

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Seattle Bike Commuters Get Into Fewer Crashes

Time to get your bike in for its Spring tune-up? This article in the Seattle Times is one of a series about bicycling in the city, both as sport, recreation, and transportation to work. The upshot is it’s safer to … Continue reading

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Here’s Some Powerful Healing!

In 1995 Dr. Terry Wahl was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and after years of treatment was losing her health. She could no longer walk and relied on a motorized wheelchair to get to her medical practice. Five years later, after … Continue reading

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Why You Should Know What Your Ancestors in 2000 BC Ate…

Chances are your ancestors had crashes. Trees fell on them. They got chased over cliffs by big wild animals. They fell off horses. What’s certain is they didn’t go to the Emergency Room where a highly-trained and experienced doctor set … Continue reading

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