Hit-And-Run Driver Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison

We posted the story of the bike commuter who was hit and killed on Dexter Avenue North on July 28, 2011. Here’s the follow-up story on how the police caught the driver

What’s interesting is the reference to “old fashioned police work.” The article doesn’t go into a lot of detail in this, but checking the original story, the missing key details from the eyewitness account were the exact make of the vehicle and the license number. The increase in bicycling and bicycle commuting will likely kick-up the incidence of auto-bicycle collisions, at least until auto drivers begin to realize that slower is better, their car isn’t a fun toy to play around with, or that driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs isn’t a risk worth taking. Here’s another story about a car-bicycle crash that killed the bicyclist: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2016970060_bicycle09m.html

Drivers are sometimes stunned when they first encounter the “Rise Up Angry” attitude of some local bicyclists. Some of the injuries and deaths are caused by collisions, but there are other threats. Here’s a report on a bicyclist who died by crashing down an unmarked staircase on a Seattle bike trail. http://streetsblog.net/2011/09/16/after-rash-of-cyclist-deaths-in-seattle-grief-turns-to-anger/

Drivers may feel a bit threatened when another driver veers into their lane, or someone makes a dangerous turn in front of us without signaling, but after-all, we have a big metal structure around us to protect our fragile bodies.  Part of the joy of bicycling is being in the open air, and the downside is when an auto bumps us we don’t have protection.  When an auto comes close the surge in adrenaline can be punishing, and the fearful memory can last a long time.  And the anger can build if we see auto drivers making lousy mistakes every day.

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