This Crash Won’t Ruin Your Month

A month-long slow-motion car crash is an art presentation at Newcastle On Tyne, UK. Details and video here. Yes, what took you less than a second last month has now been captured in such unbearably slow motion that watching a speeded-up video is pretty absurd. The car moves inexorably at 7 millimeters (about the width of your little finger nail) per hour.

The artist’s point, one imagines, is that car crashes are a common occurance every minute of every day around the world, and many of them are terrifying for people in the car(s) and nearby. Why not take out all the terror out and produce something civilized? You almost expect one of the passers-by to put a Starbucks cup on the hood as it all-so-slowly crumples over a period of days.
Month-Long Car Crash Art Installation
While I’ve been in crashes that produced more damage to the auto than this wreck, somehow I’d like to visit the exhibit. Sorry it’s all over and the car is in the body shop. Wonder what the insurance company thought of the claim?

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