Nutrition For Injury Healing

We sometimes encounter people who were in an injury accident and didn’t get good treatment to heal themselves. They sometimes tell us they later learned there were simple steps they could have taken to heal themselves better, but didn’t know about them. If they were brain-injured maybe they wish they had received hyperbaric treatment or cognitive therapy.

One of the most common failures is nutrition. Even when the injury is severe and painful. There are some great websites that provide practical ideas on “Wound Healing” diets. You can start with this site: LiveStrong, and there are links to many more specific pages and topics. One thing is clear: you’re going to need more protein to recover from a serious injury.
Some great sources of protein:
Protein Rich Foods

Imagine the changes you need to make in your diet when, for instance, you’ve broken your arm. The good news about breaking your arm is you know it’s broken. This may sound obvious but a broken arm is difficult to hide from yourself. Other injuries may be very serious but not so obvious. Your arm is in great pain and you can’t use it. This is pretty clear. Before you broke your arm you were playing tennis twice a week. After the injury, no tennis.

What about the notorious “whiplash” injury?
Maybe your pickup truck was t-boned in an intersection. But you don’t feel that badly afterward and you don’t go to an emergency room to get a checkup. First, the symptoms may not appear for hours, days, even weeks, especially if the damage is to soft nerve tissue or brain tissue. Second, there’s the tendency we have mentioned in so many Crashville posts – to wish you are getting better, hope you are getting better, tell your family and boss you’re getting better. You’re fooling yourself. Your neck isn’t getting better. Your headaches are getting worse.

And you still haven’t switched over to that high-protein diet.

If you break your arm your doctor may hand you a sheet with some tips on wound recovery. We sincerely hope they do, and that you go right to Whole Foods and make yourself some turkey hash and a lentil-brown rice wrap with seaweed.

For more ideas on recovering from your next crash visit

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