Here’s Some Powerful Healing!

In 1995 Dr. Terry Wahl was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and after years of treatment was losing her health. She could no longer walk and relied on a motorized wheelchair to get to her medical practice. Five years later, after changing her diet, she’s a distance walker, accomplished horseback rider, and is standing in front of an audience giving a talk about the Hunter-Gatherer Diet.

Yes, people have posted many skeptical comments on this video. They say that many hunter-gatherers starved to death. They say the average lifespan for hunter-gatherers was short.

We think two things are going on here:
1. If it’s plausible that taking-out all the unhealthy things from our diet and substituting a very wide variety of simple foods like nuts, seaweed, greens (including unusual leafy greens like dandelion and mint), salmon, organ meats, garlic, ginger root – all of these and a hundred more – if you could give yourself 10 more years of healthy living – would you do it? For most people, isn’t making such a huge change in a big area of their life like food scary? Would family pressure and other factors put a big kibosh on that kind of change? What if my mom or my sister made fun of my diet?
2. Is it difficult to understand the “Hunter-Gatherer Diet” is just a metaphor. In this video we don’t see Dr. Wahl wearing a skin dress. She doesn’t carry a spear. She doesn’t suggest we have to go out and gather berries in the woods or pluck seaweed from
Seattle’s Alki beach. The idea is eating a very wide variety of natural foods – and the best ones that one of our ancestors might have dreamed of eating in the best season of abundance of their entire life.

What’s certain is there is now more detailed fact-based, research-based information on boosting immune system health, avoiding auto-immune system problems, and boosting the function of our cells’ mitochondria. And ice cream and coke isn’t a part of it.

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